Golden Koltuk Takımı Beyaz
Golden Koltuk Takımı Beyaz
Golden Koltuk Takımı Beyaz
Golden Koltuk Takımı Beyaz
Golden Koltuk Takımı Beyaz
Golden Koltuk Takımı Beyaz

Golden White Sofa Set (eymensegoldenkltktkmbyz01)

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 Content  Of The Set  ►  1 Triple Seater Sofa, 1 Armchair
 Fabric Content  ►  Babyface Fabric Is Used
 Frame Material  ►  The Frame Is Made Of First Class Kiln-Dried Hornbeam Wood
 Type Of The Leg  ►  Small Booties
 Seat Fill Material  ►  32 Density  Foam Is Used
 Seating Firmness  ►  Soft

Width (W) Depth (D) Height (H)
210cm 85cm 70cm
100cm 85cm 70cm


 SHIPPING CONDITION THE PRODUCT IS DELIVERED FRONT OF THE BUILDING! DELIVERY Your products are produced within 42 working days from the moment you place your order. There are dispatch times according to the region you are in, and the dispatch process takes place at that time. You can get this information from our customer representatives. Transportation service to some cities and some counties is a problem. Additional shipping costs are charged to districts and city centers of some cities. To learn about these issues, please contact our customer representatives before purchasing the product. It is an important issue.    


 RETURN PRODUCTS ARE DELIVERED AT THE ENTRANCE OF THE BUILDING IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AGREEMENT SIGNED BY ALL CARGO COMPANIES AT THE BEGINNING OF 2016. For this, we apologize to all our customers on behalf of the cargo companies. If there is any damage on the outer surface of the packages when the products are delivered, please make a damage report before the courier leaves. Returns and exchanges cannot be made for products that do not have a damage report. If your region is a mobile area, please contact us before shopping. Warranty Information You can enjoy the comfort of the product with a 2-year warranty covering manufacturing and workmanship defects. The product is manufactured in accordance with the European TÜV CERT ISO 9001 quality standard. Installation Service The products are delivered as de-assembled in cargo packages and the installation belongs to the customer. We have specially designed our products for easy installation so that our customers do not suffer. For this reason, the packages include the installation diagram, screws and the mounting diagram of the accessories for easy installation, as well as the compatible material bag, warranty certificate and user manual. EYMENSE HOME & LIFE reveals its difference and all of our products have the ability to be disassembled and reassembled, you can disassemble and transport your products again.



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